The Footed Herb Pot in White Clay or Grey Finish.

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Footed Herb Pot
Available in White Clay or Grey Finish

The Footed Herb Pot is great for your all around planting needs.
Watch your herbs and spices thrive in these planters.

Size and Price

#1 - 4.00”H x 4.50”W - $10.00 - with saucer $15.00
#2 - 5.25”H x 5.25”W - $20.00 - with saucer $28.00
#4 - 6.50”H x 7.00”W - $35.00 - with saucer $45.00
#6 - 8.00”H x 7.75”W - $50.00 - with saucer $62.50

If these are out of stock you can still order them.  They would just need to be made. (2-4 weeks)

Sizes are approximations.

Every pot on this website is made by Ben Wolff on a potters wheel and stamped with his name and a number which indicates the weight of wet clay used.  Every flower pot is also personally signed on the bottom. Each flower pot for the home and garden varies in size and color due to the fact that they are handmade.  

"Every planter that I make is porous.  Each flower pot does change color and patina.  The amazing ageing process happens differently to each flower pot depending on the water and type of soil you use.  The white and grey flower pots patina faster where the brown and black flower pots patina slower.   Each one has a life of its own.  That's my favorite part about these pots!" Ben Wolff

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